21 April, 2017


for RS acoustic doors

Circular Viewer

For RS range doors. Double glazing with absorbing chamber. Span ├ś 492 mm.


Rectangular Viewer

For RS range doors. Double glazing with absorbing chamber. Span of 485 x 685 mm.


Lower threshold

Specially designed to increase insulation in doors without bottom frame (RS9, RS8, RS4 and RS6 models).


Key type lock

Mechanism independent of the operation of the locking system by means of cam or slide.


Panic exit

For RS doors in emergency exits and escape routes. It can incorporate handle with key on the opposite side to the bar.



Auxiliary accessory for opening large RS and RSXL doors.


Sliding door closer

Automatic closing. For correct operation on pressure closing doors, the cam must be in the ÔÇťopenÔÇŁ position.


Pedestrian door for RSXL

Integrated into a larger door leaf of a large door.


Painted RAL range

Paint finish in RAL colour (in standard production, RS doors are supplied primed, ready for painting)



  • For exterior access doors, the installation of viewers is not recommended, as condensation may occur on the inside.
    of the glass.
  • The installation of accessories, both standard and special, will always be on request.
  • The accessories must be incorporated into the doors during the manufacturing process.
  • Ac├║stica Integral will not be responsible for any door modified after leaving the factory.

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