RS9 – 48 dB
27 April, 2017
[es:puertas ac├║sticas para sistema modular Acustim├│dul-80 - RS5C - 46dB][en:Acoustic doors for modular system Acustim├│dul-80 - RS5C - 46dB][fr:portes acoustiques pour syst├Ęme modulaire Acustim├│dul-80 - RS5C - 46dB][de:Schallschutzt├╝ren f├╝r Acustim├│dul-80 Baukastensystem - RS5C - 46dB]
RS5C – 46 dB
21 April, 2017

RS5 – 46 dB

Acoustic Steel Doors

The RS range of acoustic doors designed and manufactured by Acústica Integral meets all market requirements. These are certified, high-performance, high-quality and robust doors.


Metallic acoustic door from the RS range, made up of homologated acoustic doors with high performance and certifiedinsulation. Own manufacture.


Metallic acoustic door.Available in single and double leaf. Standard models and special measures. Wide range of accessories.


Description: 69mm thick steel acoustic door composed by a frame and leaf manufactured with a 1.5mm thick polished metal sheet.
Inner filling: soundproofed and absorbing materials
Equipped with double perimetral seals.
Closure: Pressure using inside cam latch.
Surface finish: Synthetic primer (prepared for painting).
Heat transfer coefficient Ud: 1,93 W/m┬▓K.

ÔÇó Circular vision panel: optional (for outdoors installation, vision panels are not recommended as condensation could occur inside the windows).

Overall sound reduction index , Rw (C;Ctr): 46 (0;-3) dB
Overall weighted sound reduction index A, RA: 45,6 dBA


Single leaf (W x H in mm)

Model Interior Dimension Exterior Dimwnsion
RS5/01 800 x 2.000 920 x 2.120
RS5/02 900 x 2.000 1.020 x 2.120
RS5/03 1.000 x 2.000 1.120 x 2.120

Double leaf (W x H in mm)

Model Interior Dimension Exterior Dimension
RS5/21 (*) 1.400 x 2.000 1.520 x 2.120
RS5/22 1.600 x 2.000 1.720 x 2.120
RS5/23 1.800 x 2.000 1.920 x 2.120
RS5/24 2.000 x 2.000 2.120 x 2.120

(*) Unequal leaves (800+600) for RS5/21


Special Doors

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