RS8 – 43 dB
27 April, 2017
[es:puerta acustica corredera][en:sliding acoustic door][fr:porte coulissante acoustique][de:akustische schiebet眉r]
RS-R – 37 dB
21 April, 2017

RS7C – 37 dB

Acoustic Steel Doors

The range of RS7B and RS7C acoustic doors designed and manufactured by Ac煤stica Integral,meets all market requirements.These are certified, high-performance, high-quality and robust doors.


Acoustic door with special frame design to fit In the modular system Acustim贸dul-80. Dimensions proportional to the standard width of the module. Isolation and aesthetics according to Acustim贸dul-80. Own automated manufacturing. Standard and Special measures.


  • RS7C model for enclosures, cabins and barriers.
  • RS7B model with height adapted for barriers of h = 2,000 mm.

Special accessories (upon order)

Circular or rectangular vision panel, visible key-lock, push-bar.


Description: Acoustic door composed by fence and sheet 82 mm. of thickness. Made of pre-lacquered sheet Of 1 mm.e., filled with sound absorbing materials. Equipped With perimeter weatherstrip.
Closure: Outside pressure.
Finish: Lacquered light gray similar to RAL 9002. Others Colors of the RAL range on request.
Acoustic certificate: LGAI No. 21.020.377 M1 valid for the
Door without accessories.

Overall sound reduction index , Rw (C;Ctr): 37 (-1;-3) dB
Overall weighted sound reduction index A, RA: 36,5 dBA


Single leaf (W x H in mm)

Model Interior Dimension Exterior Dimension Opening Panel
RS7B/01 825 x 1.810 965 x 1.950 865 x 1.850
RS7C/01 825 x 1.910 965 x 2.050 865 x 1.950

Double leaf (W x H in mm)

RS7C/221.725 x 1.9101.865 x 2.0501.765 x 1.950

Model Interior Dimension Exterior Dimension Opening Panel
RS7B/21 (*) 1.275 x 1.810 1.415 x 1.950 1.315 x 1.850
RS7C/21 (*) 1.275 x 1.910 1.415 x 2.050 1.315 x 1.950

(*) Unequal leaves (840+435) for RS7/21


About metallic pre-frame

Firmly fix the metallic pre-frame to the partition wall or the gypsum. Move the acoustic door (frame and leaf), always closed, towards the inside space of the pre-frame and shim the door until it is level. Spot weld for the first time between the door and the pre-frame and check the vertical and horizontal levelling, do not open until definitive welding has been finished. Carry out final welding between the door and the pre-frame, once again check the levelling and open the door to verify that it works correctly. Seal the spans that remain between the pre-frame rim and door with insulating polyurethane foam or acrylic putty if there is just a little space. Keep the door closed as much as possible.

How to use

– Fitted with pressure handle: To open firmly grip the handle, turn it clockwise and push the leaf; to close it, firmly grip the handle, bring the leaf towards the rim and only then turn the handle anti-clockwise until it is closed.
– Fitted with latch handle: To open grip the handle, turn it clockwise and push the leaf; to close it, grip the handle and bring the leaf towards the rim.
– Fitted with panic bar: To open, push the bar downwards and push the leaf; to close it, grip the bar or handle and bring it towards the rim.

Use restrictions

Do not hit the door with anything that could deform it. Once the leaf is open don鈥檛 hang on it. Close the leaf gently without banging.

Preventive maintenance

We recommend an annual service, therefore Acu虂stica Integral o ers a contract in which we service: Mobile door elements ( Hinges, handles and locks): cleaning, oiling, regulation and checking of good working order of all parts. Draught excluders and intumescent joints: substitution of damaged or badly working parts. Checking for looseness.

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