[es:puerta acustica RS-PRO 54dB][en:RS-PRO 54dB acoustic door][fr:Porte acoustique RS-PRO 54dB][de:Schallschutzt├╝r RS-PRO 54dB]
RS10 – 54 dB
15 December, 2016
[es:puerta acustica RS-PRO 51dB][en:RS-PRO 51dB acoustic door][fr:Porte acoustique RS-PRO 51dB][de:Schallschutzt├╝r RS-PRO 51dB]
RS3 – 51dB
19 January, 2017

RS9 – 52 dB

Acoustic Steel Door

Professional acoustic door with lower threshold

The RS range of acoustic doors designed and manufactured by Acústica Integral meets all market requirements. These are certified, high-performance, high-quality and robust doors.


 Acoustic metallic door from the RS range, composed of certified high-performance acoustic doors. Own manufacture.


Professional high insulation acoustic door.
Available in single and double leaf. Standard models and special sizes. Wide range of optional accessories.


Technical data

Description: 83 mm thick steel acoustic door composed by frame and leaf manufactured with a 1.5 mm. thick polished metal sheet. Inner filling of the leaf : soundproofed and absorbing materials. Door without lower threshold.
Closure: Progressive pressure handle.
Surface finishing: Synthetic primer, ready for painting.
Heat transfer coefficient Ud: 1,46 W/m┬▓K.
Acoustic certificate: Valid for the door without optional accessories.


Without lower threshold RS
Overall sound reduction index , Rw (C;Ctr): 52 (-2;-6) dB
Overall weighted sound reduction index A, RA: 50,7 dBA

Standard dimensions

Single leaf (W x H in mm)

Model Interior Dimension Exterior Dimension
RS9/01 800 x 2000 928 x 2064
RS9/02 900 x 2000 1028 x 2064
RS9/03 1000 x 2000 1128 x 2064

Double leaf (W x H in mm)

Model Interior Dimension Exterior Dimension
RS9/21 (*) 1400 x 2000 1528 x 2064
RS9/22 1600 x 2000 1728 x 2064
RS9/23 1800 x 2000 1928 x 2064
RS9/24 2000 x 2000 2128 x 2064

(*) Unequal leaves (800+600) for RS9/21

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Special doors

Special Acoustic Doors

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